Writing to the APA

The tabs along the top of this site provide the email addresses of key members of the APA leadership. It also provides links to the contact information for your state and provincial psychological association representatives.

Send each leader and your state or provincial representative an email. Send each of them an email every day or each week if you want. Make all of them aware of the abuse of our children. Let them know we expect them to publicly recognize our situation.

Tell the APA we have waited patiently, but our patience has run out. We have been writing to them for two years now, and although we appreciate the working group they approved, it still has not been formed. Our children are currently, actively being abused and cannot afford to wait another year or two for the working gwidthroup to be formed and then to review the scientific literature. We are a population of families that require real and immediate help, right now.

Tell the APA our families desperately need them to change their position statement on Parental Alienation, or put out a newsletter, or post an announcement on their website. Tell the APA we need them to somehow publicly announce the following two things:

  1. Acknowledge that the family pathology of “parental alienation” exists, using whatever terminology the APA wants; cross-generational coalition, trauma reenactment pathology, “parental alienation” – whatever – just acknowledge it exists.

  2. Designate the children and families experiencing this attachment-related family pathology as representing a “special population” requiring specialized professional knowledge and expertise in the attachment system, personality disorder pathology, and family systems therapy to competently assess, diagnose, and treat.

To help make an even larger impact, put in the subject of your emails "#Erased Mom/Dad/Grandma/Uncle" whatever you may be. This is a powerful meme and, along with our emails, will help them understand we are all united, working together, as a single force, with a single voice, and a single purpose.

Dr. Craig Childress has written a blog post specifically for the APA leadership entitled "The Silence of the APA". Copy and paste the link into your emails:
Dr. Childress' post reminds the APA of their ethics code, and that having "no position on parental alienation" means the APA is enabling the abuse of our children.

The APA will only listen to all of us if you contact them and make your child's voice heard. You are the key. Your voice with the rest of us will turn the attention of the APA to where it rightfully belongs: our children!

There is no excuse anymore for the APA to continue sitting on the fence while our children are being abused.

Assert your reality upon the APA, just like the alienator asserts their reality onto the people around them. The difference is that your reality is the truth.

The voices of targeted parents will not be enough without your voice. We are not strong enough without you.


Use this contact information wisely.

If you abuse the information on this site it could prolong the suffering of our families. Be respectful and kind. Make the most important points up front, right at the beginning of your email. If you want to tell your story, don't make it very long, and make your story the final part of your email for the emotional impact.

APA Board of Directors

Click any row to copy the name and email to your clipboard.

Member Email
Antonio E. Puente, PhDantonioenriquepuente@gmail.com
Helen L. Coons, PhD, ABPPhcoons@comcast.net
Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhDJessica.Daniel@childrens.harvard.edu
Stewart E. Cooper, PhD, ABPPStewart.cooper@valpo.edu
Susan H. McDaniel, PhDsusanh2_mcdaniel@urmc.rochester.edu
Peter L. Sheras, PhDpls@virginia.edu
Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD, ABPPjfkphd@aol.com
Richard M. McGraw, PhDrmcgraw@wcc.net
Jean A. Carter, PhDJcarterphd@gmail.com
Sandra L. Shullman, PhDSlshullman@aol.com
Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhDaevans@apa.org
Frank C. Worrell, PhDfrankc@berkeley.edu
Ian A. Gutierrez, MS, MAIan.gutierrez.apags@gmail.com
Jean Lau Chin, EdDCEOServices@yahoo.com
Joseph J. Coyne, PhDdrjcoyne@aol.com

APA Board of Professional Affairs (BPA)

Click any row to copy the name and email to your clipboard.

Member Email
Jared L. Skillings, PhD, ABPPJared.Skillings@spectrumhealth.org
Linda F. Campbell, PhDlcampbel@uga.edu
Timothy A. Cavell, PhDtcavell@uark.edu, DrTimCavell@gmail.com
Robert Franks, PhDrfranks@jbcc.harvard.edu
Cynthia A. Gómez, PhDhei@sfsu.edu
Steven D. Hollon, PhDsteven.d.hollon@vanderbilt.edu
Lisa K. Kearney, PhD, ABPPlisa.kearney3@va.gov
Robert T. Kinscherff, PhD, JDrobert_kinscherff@williamjames.edu
Dinelia Rosa, PhDrosa@tc.columbia.edu

APA Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI)

Click any row to copy the name and email to your clipboard.

Member Email
Erlanger (Earl) A. Turner, PhDdrerlangerturner@gmail.com
Evangelina Alonso, PsyDealonso@albizu.edu
Claire Guthrie Gastañagaclaire@acluva.org
Jacqueline S. Gray, PhDjacqueline.gray@med.und.edu
April Harris-Britt, PhDahb@ahbpsych.com
Michele Harway, PhD, ABPPMharway@fielding.edu
Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhDkkendallt@gmail.com
Michael Mobley, PhDmmobley@salemstate.edu
Susan Opotow, PhDsopotow@jjay.cuny.edu
Jack Tsai, PhDjack.tsai@yale.edu

APA Committee on Children, Youth, and Families (CCYF)

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Member Email
Ashley M. Butler, PhDambutler@bcm.edu
Kalina Brabeck, PhDkbrabeck@ric.edu
Dionne S. Coker-Appiah, PhDdms229@georgetown.edu
Arthur M. (Andy) Horne, PhDahorne@uga.edu
Michael J. Lawler, MSW, PhDMichael.Lawler@usd.edu
Christina M. Rodriguez, PhDcmrpsych@uab.edu

State, Provincial, and Territorial
Psychological Association Representatives
to the APA Council of Representatives

State, Provincial or Territorial
Psychological Association
Representative(s) to Council
Alabama Psychological Association Daniel S Marullo, PhD
Alaska Psychological Association Ruddy M Taylor, PhD
Arizona Psychological Association Christopher J. Nicholls, PhD, ABPP
Arkansas Psychological Association Courtney Osmus Ghormley, PhD, ABPP
British Columbia Psychological Association Jeanne Marie LeBlanc, PhD
California Psychological Association Judith S. Blanton, PhD
Keely Kolmes, PsyD
Colorado Psychological Association Sarah Estes Burgamy, PsyD
Connecticut Psychological Association John G Mehm, PhD
Delaware Psychological Association Elisabeth N Gibbings, PsyD
District of Columbia Psychological Association Walter J. Hillabrant, PhD
Florida Psychological Association David Byron Kazar, PhD, ABPP
Georgia Psychological Association Nancy A. McGarrah, PhD
Guam Psychological Association Edward Lee Santos, Jr, PhD
Hawaii Psychological Association June W. J. Ching, PhD, ABPP
Idaho Psychological Association Barney Greenspan, PhD, ABPP
Illinois Psychological Association Clifton J. Saper, PhD
Indiana Psychological Association Dana G Lasek, PhD
Iowa Psychological Association Sally Oakes Edman, PhD
Kansas Psychological Association Theresa M Coddington, PhD
Kentucky Psychological Association David T. Susman, PhD
Louisiana Psychological Association Michele M Larzelere, PhD
Maine Psychological Association David Harlow Mills, PhD
Manitoba Psychological Society Pamela L Holens, PhD
Maryland Psychological Association Katherine Killeen, PhD
Massachusetts Psychological Association Eugene Joseph D'Angelo, PhD
Michigan Psychological Association Lawrence Mark Perlman, PhD
Minnesota Psychological Association BraVada M. Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD
Mississippi Psychological Association Emily Thomas Johnson, PhD
Missouri Psychological Association Kenneth H. Bohm, PhD
Montana Psychological Association Gyda Swaney, PhD
Nebraska Psychological Association Daniel L. Ullman, PhD
Nevada Psychological Association Lisa M. Linning, PhD
New Hampshire Psychological Association Sheila H Gardner, PhD
New Jersey Psychological Association Caridad R Moreno, PhD
New Mexico Psychological Association Harry C Linneman, PhD
New York State Psychological Association June E Feder, PhD
Peter S Kanaris, PhD
North Carolina Psychological Association J. Travis Colwell, PhD
North Dakota Psychological Association Stacey Lynn Benson, PsyD
Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia Patrick O'Neill, PhD
Ohio Psychological Association David L. Hayes, PhD
Oklahoma Psychological Association Stephen D Scott, PhD
Ontario Psychological Association Ester Cole, PhD
Oregon Psychological Association Clifford A Johannsen, PhD
Pennsylvania Psychological Association Linda K. Knauss, PhD
Dianne S. Salter, PhD, JD
Asociacion de Psicologos de Puerto Rico Luisa Alvarez-Dominguez, PhD
Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec Nicolas Luc Chevrier, PhD
Rhode Island Psychological Association Lisa M. Rocchio, PhD
South Carolina Psychological Association Caleb Loring, IV, PsyD
South Dakota Psychological Association Mindy Hedlund, PhD
Tennessee Psychological Association Nicky Ozbek, PhD
Texas Psychological Association Brian Huntting Stagner, PhD
Utah Psychological Association Cathie R Fox
Vermont Psychological Association Milton J Marasch, PhD
Association of Virgin Islands Psychologists Chester D. Copemann, PhD
Virginia Psychological Association Peter L. Sheras, PhD
Washington State Psychological Association Marta Miranda, PsyD
West Virginia Psychological Association Martin J Amerikaner, PhD
Wisconsin Psychological Association Gregory Scott Jurenec, PhD
Wyoming Psychological Association Barbara L Ziegler, PhD

APA Division Contacts

Division of APA Representative(s) to Council
Division 12  (Society of Clinical Psychology) Guillermo Bernal, PhD
Kenneth J. Sher, PhD
Mark B. Sobell, PhD
Danny Wedding, PhD
Division 35  (Society for the Psychology of Women) Debra M. Kawahara, PhD
Pamela P Remer, PhD
Division 37  (Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice) Mary Ann McCabe, PhD, ABPP
Division 41  (American Psychology-Law Society) Thomas Grisso, PhD
Joel D Lieberman, PhD
Division 43  (Society for Couple and Family Psychology) Marianne Celano, PhD
Division 53  (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology) Mary A. Fristad, PhD
Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, ABPP
Division 56  (Trauma Psychology) Charles R. Figley, PhD
Steven N. Gold, PhD